Wholesaler/Supplier Confirmation Issues

The SLA is aware that in some cases suppliers and wholesalers are having difficulty confirming whether a retailer has received or renewed its license or permit, or been placed on or removed from the default (COD) list. We are working diligently with ITS to resolve the technical issues arising from the system changes and these issues will be resolved in the near future. 


Pending resolution of this issue, the SLA will temporarily not bring charges against licensees who take reasonable steps to verify the status of a licensee or permittee and acts in good faith.  Beginning shortly, the Authority is set to print license certificates that feature both the new license number and the old format legacy serial numbers on them.  For new licensees going forward, there will still be old format legacy serial numbers assigned to and printed on them, but those numbers will start with the number 6.  Further, the COD reporting system will be workable using the old format numbers. Thank you for your patience and please be guided accordingly.