Renewing Brand Label Registrations Online

Renewing Brand Label Registrations Online


Effective September 5th, all brand label registrations that are due to expire on 9/30/2019 may be renewed online via our third party provider PRO.  Additionally, it is the Authority's expectation that all brand label applications will be submitted and processed electronically in early 2020.  Applicant's will be able to submit and pay for their registrations online thus creating a more efficient process.



To log on to the portal, simply click here, enter your seven-digit serial number and email address.

After logging in, the portal will display all active permits for each licensee.

Select which brands you would like to renew. There is an option to select all brands.

Contact the Permits Unit at [email protected] if any of your brands do not appear on your list of renewals. 

The fee for renewing a spirits’ label is $750 for 3 years, in addition to a $10 processing fee.

If you are renewing a small batch “no fee” label, please ensure you are still producing 1,000 gallons or less of this specific product annually.  The $10 processing fee still applies.

Licensees have the option to pay by credit card or check.   

Payments by credit card will be processed and approved immediately.

If paying by check, your renewal will not be processed until the check has cleared.  Instructions on paying by check can be found here.

Paper-based Brand Label Registration are still an option.  You can email the Permits Unit at [email protected] to obtain the forms, fees and instructions for paper registrations. 


Please note, businesses holding multiple licenses will need to log in with the serial number corresponding to the brands registered under that license.  For example, a business holding both a Farm Distillers and Micro-Distillers license needs to login under their farm license to renew any New York State Labeled product.