Liquor and wine sold in New York State are subject to price posting. Price posting is the filing of a schedule with the prices at which suppliers (manufacturers, importers, etc.) and wholesalers will sell their products. There are two price schedules: the wholesale schedule of prices charged by suppliers to New York state licensed wholesalers; and the retail schedule of prices charged by New York state licensed manufacturers and wholesalers to New York state licensed retailers. 

Price schedules are filed electronically. A new price schedule must be filed for each month. However, wineries and farm wineries can file their schedules once a year and only need to update the schedules if prices change.


Post and Amend Prices

Price Posting Deadlines

Wholesale postings are always due by the 25th of the month, two months prior to the month of sale. Manufacturers selling through a New York State wholesaler must also post the prices.

Retail postings are always due by the 5th of the month, one month prior to the month of sale. Manufacturers selling directly to New York State licensed retailers must also post the prices.

To give you examples:

  • Be sure to have certified May 2018 WHOLESALE prices by 3/25/18
  • Be sure to have certified May 2018 RETAIL prices by 4/05/18

When the filing date falls on a weekend or holiday, the price posting module will be open the following business day. The module is open 24/7 until midnight on the posting date. 

You can post as early as the 15th of the month, for the next upcoming posting, and if changes are required, simply re-certify as many times as you need to.

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of each month, the retail module is open for the sole purpose of allowing wholesalers to review retail prices posted by other wholesalers. During those dates you may lower your prices and discounts to match the prices and discounts of another wholesaler. The system will not allow you to perform any other function on those dates.

Access the Price Posting Management System

Log onto the Price Posting Management System using your license serial number and password. If you are not the license principal, you must enter the license serial number, your assigned user ID and password.

If you are a new wine or spirits wholesaler or manufacturer, you must first create an account and complete your login profile. A license principal will be required to register first using their PIN number provided by the Authority. After initial login, the licensee principal can create account administrators and users if desired.

There are a number of tutorials available on this page to help wholesalers and manufacturers use the Price Posting Management System.


Post and Amend Prices

Discounts & Limited Availability

Only one unit of measure (bottle or case) is to be discounted per product in any given month.

All limited availability items must be price posted. No quantity discounts are permitted for limited availability items. Limited availability postings must be properly filed by placing an "L" in the "Limited Availability" column on the price posting module.