Permit Renewals

Permit Renewals

Some permits can be renewed online, and other permits can be renewed using the application on this page.

Online Permit Renewals


The following permits can be renewed online using the New York State License Center:

  • Marketing Permit
  • Trucking Permit
  • Aircraft permit
  • Alcohol Permit
  • Bottling Permit
  • Brewer Tasting Permit
  • Broker Permit
  • Drug Store Permit
  • Fleet Company Permit
  • Fleet Trucking Permit
  • Hospital Permit
  • Industrial Alcohol Permit
  • Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer Permit - Fuel Only
  • Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer Permit
  • Institution of Higher Education Permit
  • Manufacturer Permit - Non Beverage Products
  • Negotiators Permit
  • Steamship Permit
  • Taxicab Permit
  • Warehouse WP Permit


Renew Your Permit Online

Online Permit Renewal Instructions

Renew Other Permits

The following permits can not be renewed online and must be renewed using the Permit Renewal Application on this page:

  • Solicitor Permit
  • Temporary Operating Permit Extension

Permit Renewal Application


    Permit Renewal Application

    This application should be used by licensees to renew a permit if their permit is not eligible to be renewed online, including all Farm Manufacturing Branch Office permits.



Temporary Operating Permit Extension Applications

Renewal Permit Extensions

Due to ongoing issues with renewing permits, the following list of permits due to expire on December 31, 2023 will be automatically granted an extension until February 29, 2024.    

Fleet Trucking

Company Fleet trucking


Negotiator 3yr

Manufacturer 3yr



Aircraft 3yr

Steamship 3yr

Marketing 3yr

Industrial Alcohol

Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer 

Drug Store


Brewer Tasting

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