Online Brand Label Registration Process

Effective April 28, 2020, the New York State Liquor Authority (Authority) will be accepting the application for the registration of brand labels online.  Applications can be submitted through Product Online Registration (PRO)

The online submission of new applications allows for automatic label importing from TTB, the ability to upload documents, and communication with examiners in the online portal.  Please note, applications will no longer utilize the 7-digit serial numbers.  Identifying numbers will be replaced by the new format of NY00000000-0000. 

Additionally, there is a $10 statutory processing fee for all brand label applications submitted online.  This is in addition to any applicable registration fees charged by the Authority.  All fees will be paid by initiating an ACH transaction through the PRO website.  Prior to an application being reviewed by the Authority, the submitted ACH payment must clear the applicant’s financial institution.  

If you choose not to submit your brand labels through the PRO website, please use the following instructions: 

Send the completed application and check to: 

NYS Liquor Authority – Brand Label Unit
80S. Swan St. Suite 900 
Albany, NY 12210

*Please note, no brand label applications will be processed at the Philadelphia P.O. Box after May 15, 2020