New Address for Applications

Lock Box Address for Applications has Changed

New Address for Applications

As of 10/22/2019 all license applications (other than renewals) should be sent to:

NYS Liquor Authority
P.O. Box 782772
Philadelphia, PA 19178-2772


Renewal applications should be sent to:

M&T Bank Lockbox
NYS Liquor Authority
P.O. Box 8000-Dept 930
Buffalo, NY 14267


Why the change?   The SLA’s lockbox is serviced through the Office of the New York State Comptroller’s (OSC) Bureau of Contracts.  OSC recently informed the SLA that Wells Fargo has brought this service in-house, leading to the new Philadelphia PO Box.  

Will this lead to longer processing times?  The SLA does not anticipate the new mailing address to result in any processing delays.  

Why does the SLA utilize a lockbox?  The lockbox service accelerates the processing of applications, as well as the receipt and deposit of check payments sent through the mail. Wells Fargo collects customer payments at a centralized P.O. Box instead of a business address, eliminating postal delays associated with mail delivery and in-house processing. After retrieving SLA licensing mail, Wells Fargo scans the licensing documents, prepares check deposits, and provides all remittance documents, data, and reports to the SLA. This contract imposes no direct costs on the SLA or applicants as Wells Fargo's compensation is derived entirely from access to agency account balances.