MWBE Utilization Plan


The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control State Liquor Authority (“SLA”) is hosted administratively by the New York State Office of General Services (“OGS”) for its finance and contracting functions.  The OGS Office of Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) serves as a point of contact for inquiries about SLA’s MWBE goals and utilization.


The SLA uses the same procurement policies and procedures as OGS.  There are certain areas where the SLA does not have spending (e.g., construction contracting, consulting, etc.) and accordingly will not be able to utilize MWBEs.  In other areas, such as commodities, the SLA will attempt to utilize authorized MWBEs.


The SLA works in collaboration with OGS’ Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises unit to ensure that there are certified MWBEs with the will, skill, and capacity to meet our agency needs and consistently makes good faith efforts to identify procurement opportunities where MWBE’s are available to participate.


MWBE programs and practices to increase MWBE participation are fully integrated into the SLA’s procurement processes, thus ensuring that all businesses have the opportunity to participate equitably in state procurement activities.


For more information about the MWBE program, please visit their website:


The SLA’s MWBE Utilization Plans can be viewed here:

2022-2023 Utilization Plans

2021-2022 Utilization Plans
2020-2021 Utilization Plans