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Important Information on SLA Technological Upgrades

Important Information on SLA Technological Upgrades

For Your Awareness: Experiencing Issues With Permit Portal

***Regarding the portal claiming process, we have found that in some instances people are entering incorrect information for the legal name, entity and/or FEINs.  As a result, we are in the process of adding some instructional text to the portal itself to help guide the applicant when entering data. 

Additionally, we are fixing a bug that relates to SSNs and FEINs. 

Lastly, there is some incomplete data that transferred over to the new system that our team is actively working on updating.***



Important Information on SLA Technological Upgrades


On October 10, 2023, the State Liquor Authority (SLA) launched the first phase of our new Licensing and Compliance database, LEAP (Licensing, Enforcement, and Administrative Procedures).   In addition, the SLA is also launching an updated and more user-friendly online portal to apply for permits. 

While applicants and representatives will not notice major changes in the application process during this initial phase, and applications must still be mailed to the P.O Box, the following changes are important for our applicants and representatives to understand:

The agency’s primary means of communication with applicants, licensees, attorneys, and representatives will now be through email.

License certificates will now be issued via email. However, depending on when the application was submitted, applicants may still receive their license certificate in the mail after October 10th. Applicants receiving their license certificate via email must print the certificate and post it appropriately.

New Application/License IDs

New applicants will now receive an Application ID when their application is booked and pending. Once the application is approved, a new License ID will be assigned to the business. 

Existing licensees will be assigned a new License ID automatically on October 10th.  Please note, your current Serial Number and license certificate is STILL valid – there is no action needed to be taken – and staff will be able to retrieve your information with your current Serial number. Current licensees will receive their new License ID number at renewal, or earlier in the case of a corporate change, etc.


New Permits Portal: our enhanced permits portal went live on October 10th

Permit applications completed by 5:00 P.M. on October 5th – meaning the applicant has completed all fields of the application, submitted payment, and received a PDF receipt of their application – will be transferred into the new permit portal.

Permit applications that are not completed by 5:00 P.M. on October 5th (i.e. applications started and saved, but not completed) will NOT be transferred into the new permit portal – and applicants will need to restart and submit the application on the new portal.  

To submit a new permit application, customers click on New York Business Express (NYBE) and use the “Search Applications” option. 

Please see our video tutorials and Customer User Manual for detailed instructions on how to apply for new permits, amend existing permits, and renew expiring permits. 

If further assistance is needed while using the online permit processing website, please call 518-474-3114 (option 1-3).

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