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Existing Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Existing Manufacturers and Wholesalers
Important Notices & Updates
Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Once you have received a wholesale or manufacturing license from the Liquor Authority, there are rules and guidelines your licensed establishment must follow.

All wholesalers  must post their prices for liquor and wine to wholesale and retail every month. All wholesalers and manufacturers must also report delinquent retailers to the C.O.D. List. 

Micro manufacturers have limits on the amount of alcoholic beverages they can produce. Farm manufacturers have limits on the amount of alcoholic they can produce and are required to use a specified amount of ingredients grown or produced in New York State in the manufacture of their alcoholic beverages.

You must remember to renew your license before the expiration date. The length of the licensing period varies depending on the class or type of license issues. You should also notify the Authority of any changes you make to your licensed premises, and in some cases, you must first receive approval from the Authority before making those changes.

What You Need to Know Existing Manufacturers and Wholesalers

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Solicitor Permits
Solicitors are representatives of wholesalers and manufacturers. A Solicitor Permit allows a representative to sell any alcoholic beverage on behalf of the wholesaler or manufacturer that the solicitor represents.
Farm Manufacturers
Open an Off-Site Tasting Room

Farm manufacturers can obtain a permit to open an off-site branch location, or tasting room, for no additional fees. 

At the tasting room, farm manufacturers can engage in any activities that can be conducted at the licensed premises, such as open a restaurant, offer tastings and operate a gift shop. 

Farm breweries, farm wineries and farm cideries can operate up to five offsite tasting rooms, and farm distilleries can operate one offsite tasting room.

Direct Wine Shipments
New York State wine manufacturers and some out-of-state wine manufacturers may make direct shipments of wine to customers in New York for personal use only. Out-of-State wine manufacturers must first obtain a Direct Shipper's License through the Authority.
Consent Orders
Supplier Consent Order

More information about the Supplier Consent Order and what is included in the document.

Wholesale Consent Order

More information about the Wholesale Consent Order and what is included in the document.

Pending & Inactive Licenses
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