The SLA's Enforcement Bureau is responsible for investigating violations and enforcing the ABC Law.
What We Enforce


The Authority issues approximately 125 different types of licenses and permits. The Enforcement Bureau is entrusted to enforce all the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law including the monitoring of manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation, storage and all other facets of the alcoholic beverage industry.

Most of the violations of the ABC Law are crimes for which violators may be arrested. Therefore, local police agencies play an important role with the Authority in enforcing the law. This shared responsibility occurs most often at the retail or consumer level where most violations occur.

Although the Authority has no criminal jurisdiction, the police refer thousands of violations to the Authority for administrative prosecution. Complaints of violations are not only received by the Authority from police, but are also received from numerous other sources, including governmental agencies, citizens' representatives, community groups and individual complainants.

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Enforcement Actions
What Should I Do if I'm Charged With a Violation?
Licensees who violate the law may be subject to a disciplinary proceeding. A disciplinary proceeding starts with the issuance of a notice of pleading that contains the alleged violations. If you are the subject of a disciplinary proceeding, the Authority will mail a copy of the pleading to you by certified mail.