Changes to Full Board Procedures

Pursuant to the Executive Order, and until further notice, the Full Board meetings will be conducted in the following fashion:

  • The Meetings will be held at the Authority’s Albany Office with the Members either appearing at the meeting in person or participating by telephone.

The Meetings will be held on a bi-weekly basis. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on this website.

  • The public, including those who have matters on the meeting calendar, will not be able to attend or participate in the Meeting, either at the Albany Office or by video-conference from the Authority’s Buffalo or New York Offices. 

Applicants (and those on record as being in support or opposition to an application) in licensing matters will be provided at least two weeks’ notice of the date that their matter will be considered. Licensees with disciplinary matters should review the Full Board Meeting agenda to determine if their case is scheduled for the upcoming Full Board Meeting. The agenda is posted on this website approximately one week before the meeting date.

  • The Meetings will continue to be webcast live and recorded for viewing at a later date.
  • Licensees/applicants will be required to submit in writing, in advance of the Meeting, any argument or other materials they want the Members to consider on their scheduled matters. There will be no ability to speak to the Members during the meeting. Any such writings or materials must be submitted by 2 PM on the Friday before the Full Board Meeting. Submissions must be emailed to the Secretary’s Office at [email protected].
  • Requests to hold matters over until the Full Board resumes its normal procedures, including in-person appearances by parties, will not be granted.