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Retail Licenses

Retail licenses are divided between on-premises and off-premises licenses. If you have an on-premises license, you can sell or serve alcoholic beverages to be consumed at your licensed premises. This is sometimes referred to as "sale by the glass." Restaurants, bars and taverns are examples of on-premises licenses. If you have an off-premises license, you can sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed someplace other than your licensed premises. This is sometimes referred to as "sales by the bottle" or "sales to go." Grocery stores, liquor stores and wine stores are examples of off-premises licenses.

What You Need to Know
Becoming a Licensed Retailer
Location and Eligibility

All applicants should investigate the location of their business before beginning the application process. The law prohibits certain licenses from being near schools, places or worship and other licensed establishments. The law also contains eligibility requirements for individuals applying for a license. 

The Application Process

The application review period can vary depending on the type of license you apply for, the volume of applications received by the Authority, and the completeness of your application. Any deficiencies or inaccuracies in your application may result in processing delays, or the disapproval of your application.  We encourage you to file an application with us as soon as you can.  The Authority has  issued Advisory #2019-4 which details conditional items that must be satisfied prior to the issuance of a license or permit.  If you are missing only items listed on the Advisory, you do not need to wait to file an application.  Once an application has been conditionally approved, these items may be provided to the Authority (within 18 months) so a license or permit can be issued.

Approvals and Disapprovals

Applications are investigated to determine eligibility based on the principals, the premises and the source of finances. The application file is reviewed for completeness and ultimately, approval or disapproval. An application will either be: disapproved; approved; or conditionally approved.

Retail Licenses
On Premises

Allows a person to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons for consumption at the licensed premises. The sale of food is a requirement for all license applicants.

Off Premises

Allows a person to sell alcoholic beverages to patrons for consumption off the licensed premises.

Temporary Retail Permits
Get a Temporary Permit
New applicants can apply for a temporary permit to serve alcohol while the license application is being processed. Temporary permits are processed in approximately 30 days, and are valid for 90 days. Temporary permits are available for on-premises licenses and grocery stores.
Notice to be Posted at Proposed Premises
All new applications for a license to sell liquor at retail must post this notice in a conspicuous place at the entrance of the premises within 10 days of filing the application.