Amendments to the ABC Law Included in the FY 2023 Budget


The recently enacted FY 2023 Budget includes a number of amendments to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, including allowing on-premises licensees to provide drinks-to-go, allowing food trucks to operate on a farm manufacturers’ premises, and allowing emails for municipal/community board notifications.   


A summary of the changes included in the FY 2023 Budget include:


  • Allowing applicants to provide the legally required notice to municipalities and community boards by email, if the municipality or community board elects to accept email notifications (Part K of S.8005-C);
  • Allowing veteran’s service organizations, such as Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion Posts, to obtain licenses when a police officer serves as an officer of the organization (Part FF of S.8005-C);
  • Authorizing, for a period of three years, restaurants and bars licensed to sell liquor or wine for on-premises consumption to also sell these drinks for off-premises consumption, with certain restrictions found here (Part P, S.8005-C);
  • Permitting farm manufacturers more flexibility by allowing food trucks or other such businesses to operate on their premises (Part DD, S.8005-C);
  • Allowing liquor and wine stores to remain open on Christmas Day, should they choose to (Part EE, S.8005-C).